The Ex Factor Guide Review

The Ex Factor Guide review is of a comprehensive dating course released by relationship expert Brad Browning. Browning’s goal is to help readers patch up their broken relationships, and he used his extensive experience as a couple’s counselor and his thorough understanding of cognitive psychology to create his formula for success.

What makes this different from the countless other offerings on the subject? For one, there are two versions of the course, one for getting back with a boyfriend and the other for reconciling with a girlfriend. The author recognizes that there are significant psychological differences between the sexes and that a single approach cannot possibly work for everyone. Another important distinction is that the guide focuses not just on getting back with your former lover, but dedicates much of its content to building a better, stronger, happier relationship in the process. To quote the author, “…what good is getting back together if you have the same problems that caused you to breakup in the first place?”

The Science of Reconciliation

Every relationship is a little different than the next, so The Ex Factor Guide addresses a number of scenarios and discusses how the particulars of your situation determine the best approach to take. The tactics recommended are based on decades of psychological research, and reflect a deep understanding of the complex dynamics involved in intimate relationships.


In the opening chapter of the PDF, Browning emphasizes the importance of taking care of yourself before attempting to contact your ex. He recommends taking an entire month for reflection, self-healing and personal growth. This serves two purposes: first, to clear your head and allow your emotions to settle. Secondly, it gives your partner some time to process his or her feelings and begin to miss being with you.

Cultivating Desire

Getting your boyfriend or girlfriend back is all about recreating the initial feelings of desire that got you together in the first place. Numerous techniques for cultivating this desire are discussed, and this is where the course really shines. Readers are carefully guided through the step-by-step processes the author has found to be most effective based on their unique circumstances. Most similar programs offer a bunch of disparate tips and leave it up to you to decide how to apply them, but Browning leaves nothing to chance, and proves his expertise by guiding you through the many nuances of reconciling your relationship.

Course Components

This is not just another flimsy PDF guide full of recycled dating advice. The comprehensive package includes:

  • The 220-page written guide
  • Complete Video Lessons (3 hours)
  • Complete Audio Guide (5 hours)
  • Two great bonus PDFs: “Text the Love Back” and “Increase Sex Appeal”

Teaching by Example

The chapters of the written guide contain much more than just techniques. The author includes several real-life examples of how these techniques have played out with actual couples. These anecdotes successfully bridge the gap between theory and practice, and give readers an idea of what to expect once they begin putting the methods into action. These stories prepare you for the hurdles you may face when trying to convince your ex to give it another shot, and provide excellent examples of just how effective Browning’s formula is.

Throughout each chapter you will find a peppering of helpful tips for fixing the problems that sank the ship and making sure that your new relationship will be magnitudes better than the last. A favorite quote from the guide; “We tend to mess things up in very predictable ways, and when we can predict failure, we have the wisdom to avoid it.”

Apples and Oranges

Creating separate guides for men and women is a testament to the author’s understanding of the differences between the sexes. The approaches are tailored to the psychological nuances specific to each gender, of which there are many. Common sense tells us that getting a girlfriend back will require a different approach than convincing a boyfriend to give it another go, but this is one of the only courses that recognizes this obvious distinction. This, combined with the proven techniques espoused in each guide, make the course a real winner. If your relationship has hit a brick wall and you sincerely want to salvage the love you once had, get your hands on a copy of The Ex Factor Guide today!