The Devotion System Review

This the devotion system review is of a brand new digital dating guide created by Amy North, a relationship expert, who has devised a method for women to find and nurture successful relationships with good men. It uses effective techniques and secret tricks to enable any woman, irrespective of age and looks, to finally meet and keep the right guy for her.

When you read the book you will learn about all aspects of how you can get the right guy from getting his number and what messages to send him to talking about marriage and maintaining his desire for you in a long term loving monogamous union. Amy has essentially created a system that covers all aspects of dating and keeping the right guy.

How does it works?

The Devotion System is separated into 3 sections explained below:

Section 1) This part focuses on you and specifically how to get yourself in the right mental frame to find love. You will learn how to get rid of negative behaviours and hangups that can derail your quest to find the right guy. This includes breaking free from the mental barrier created by problems you may have experienced in the past. Amy calls this the ‘relationship hangover’ which might include lingering unhappiness and bitterness about failed relationships in the past which may also create a certain level of apprehension and doubt about meeting the right guy.

Section 2) now that you have gotten rid of hangups and feel empowered to seek mr right, part two focuses on understanding the way the male mind works. You will gain invaluable insight on how men think, their insecurities and fears. Amy also includes information on the different ‘types’ of men, including what kind you want to attract and also the ones you should avoid. You will learn what signs and actions to look for from the very moment you meet a guy and throughout the dating process. No longer will you end up dating the wrong type of guy only to find out months or even years later that he was never the right guy for you.

Section 3) With the relationship hangover taken care of combined with your new found knowledge on the ‘type’ of guy you should be dating, you are all set to take action. Part three introduces you to what words and actions, when used at the right time, can create an instant spark of attraction in any man. Amy calls this step by step process the devotion sequence that works by bypassing the normal male mind and speaks directly to his heart, creating an obsession and desire for him to be with you.

The devotion system also includes a 13-part video training course and 3 bonus books:

  1. Textual Chemistry.
  2. Cheat-Proofing.
  3. Finding Love Online.

As you can see, the devotion system Amy North guide is quite comprehensive and uses actionable psychology triggers based on year’s of research on effective ways to not only flirt and seduce him but to keep you in his heart and mind always. The only issue I found is that it is only available as a digital download and there is no physical hard copy available. However, this does come with its own benefits in that you get instant access to the book which can be downloaded directly to any mobile device such as a Samsung or iPad or your PC. This means that you can get started straight away if you are the type of person who enjoys reading via a smart device.


Overall, the devotion system by Amy North comes highly recommended for women who have had trouble finding love or meeting the right kind of guy. It has been organised into easy to read and understand sections and come with a 60 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose as you get your money back if you feel the system is not suited to you.