15 Minute Manifestation Review

In this 15 minute manifestation review, we will take a closer look at the system created by Eddie Sergey that is based on the principles of brain science to create a scientifically proven method to manifest wealth, health and love in your life.

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How does it work

It works by reprogramming your brain to seamlessly attract unlimited love, happiness, freedom, wealth and confidence. The author of the system explains that your brain is a super computer with untapped potential that is capable of learning new things subconsciously. You will learn how to gain direct access to the part of your brain that creates your reality and change it.

This is done by using theta brain wave meditation to send your subconscious mind into the theta state where you will be able to gain access to information, creative ideas and intuition that is beyond your normal logical state of mind. Theta basically speaks the language of the subconscious and in the theta state you will use the theta waves that occur naturally in your brain to reprogram it and transform your reality and manifest the things you want.

What Is Theta?

The theta waves are normally only active during periods of meditation or deep sleep, however the 15 minute manifestation Eddie Sergey system will teach you how to activate these waves and attract what you want while you are wide awake! So you will not be learning how to manifest as you are already doing this everyday. What you will learn is how re wire your brain to enable you to speak directly to ‘The Editor’ part of brain, allowing you to manifest at will.

What is the Editor?

The Editor controls your underlying mental conditioning which in turn also sets limitations in your life by editing away your potential for health and wealth, based on your life story so far. All you will have to do is use 15 minute manifestation, 15 minutes a day for 21 days to reset your brain so that the Editor no longer has access to these limiting old story. Why 21 days? Eddie explains that it takes about 21 days for your brain to re wire itself and change limiting habits.

What do you get

You will get the 15 Minute Manifestation Audio Tracks and bonus material:

Track 1: Your natural State – ┬áDuring the first few days you will use this to begin to open your mind to the natural state of unlimited abundance. It will wipe away the limiting beliefs that have been preventing you from getting what you really want in life. This foundational track essentially resets your brain to enable it to free itself from limiting factors that have been built up during your lifetime.

Track 2: Your New Story – ow that your brain has been reset, your old story no longer has power over you. The Editor in your brain no long er has access to your old story and instead will start accessing your ‘New Story’ filled with the endless potential of what it is you really want in life.

Track 3: Moving Towards Abundance – You will be able to start consciously playing with your experience of reality. It will help you to reverse the circle of negativity and help you to focus your attention on telling your ‘New Story’ of abundance and prosperity.

Bonus Material: Deep Sleep Now – A 15 minute delta brainwave (the language of rest, sleep and peace) frequency track that contains pulsing Delta beats combined with rest inducing nature sounds and calming music. It also contains a guided meditation that takes you into a satisfying deep sleep.


The 15 minute manifestation system is a straight forward and easy to use program that unlocks your minds full potential using the most recent brain science. It will show you how to get that life that you have always wanted, including items such a house or car. You will learn how to take control of your life to gain unconditional love, great health and true freedom by reprogramming your brain to manifest and attract only what you truly want while also getting rid of all the negative believes that have been holding you back. It also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving it a try today.